A Time Out from the Not-Its

by Amy Kraft on July 13, 2010

Lately I’ve been thinking about the amazing proliferation of kids’ music. Making a kids’ album is the new writing a kids’ book, apparently. Sometimes I listen to music and it seems pretty clear that the artists are trying to play to the kid audience because they couldn’t hack it in the adult world. The music might be fine, catchy even, but it lacks true kid appeal. Then I listen to bands like Recess Monkey who clearly delight in appealing to kids on their own level, with sing-along melodies and resonant lyrics.

The Not-Its fall squarely into the latter category. With their second CD, Time Out to Rock, The Not-Its have cemented their kid-appeal and created an album even more rockingly addictive than their debut, We Are the Not-Its. Olive and I were both excited when we received this one, and I’ve had the songs in my head for days (but, you know, in a good way).

If you head over to The Not-Its’ website, you can listen to some of the tracks, including my favorite, “Accidentally”, which is like a modern spin on 60’s girl group pop. I’m also a fan of “Welcome to Our School”. Every time I listen to it I think about Olive starting Kindergarten in a couple months, finding friends among her new classmates. There’s also “Say It Loudly”, which I hope Olive will find instructive as she tries to work out playground disputes on her own.

Olive listens to a CD each night before bed, so I’m grateful whenever the song order supports kids winding down. The CD ends with “Hollow Tree”, a song so soft and lovely I teared up listening to it (though the baby hormones may still be a factor…).

And, not for nothing, but I love the cover design of this one, with some of the best typography design I’ve seen in a while. Time Out to Rock will be available on July 20th.

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