About Media Macaroni

There is a vast ocean of products being made for kids, and Media Macaroni is here to find the best ones for you. Whether it’s apps, video games, books, TV shows, music, movies, museums or other don’t-miss events, I’ve got you covered for your toddlers through your tweens.

About the Media Macaroni Seal of Approval

This is my super-deluxe, five-star, A+ rating. I bestow it on products that truly rise above the others to give kids an experience that’s unique, innovative, or downright fun.

If you have earned the MM Seal of Approval and would like a badge to put on your website, shoot me an email at bigcheese@mediamacaroni.com.

About Amy Kraft

I have worked in children’s media for over a decade, and through the years I’ve become a connoisseur of media made for kids. I am not embarrassed to read kids’ books on the subway or be accused of being a 12-year-old boy for some of my television viewing habits and video game preferences. I’m the co-founder of Monkey Bar Collective, and I’ve worked as a producer, game designer, and writer on everything from eBooks to video games to workbooks to Leapster games. I even worked on many a CD-ROM back in the day. I think that kids are the most important audience there is, so media directed at kids should be thoughtful, nourishing, and fun.

I am currently a freelance producer, and I live in New York City with my husband and two kids, Olive, age 9, and Ozzie, age 4. You might find that my recommendations are largely skewed to their ages.

If you’re curious about the Media Macaroni name, it’s a reflection on my childhood when I was called “Kraft Cheese and Macaroni.” Kids can be so cruel. <sniff> Sadly, I am in no way related to the J.L. Kraft family nor do I get any kickbacks from the food conglomerate of the same name. Please contact me with thoughts, suggestions, rants, and job offers at bigcheese@mediamacaroni.com or on Twitter @mediamacaroni.