Apps for Traveling Toddlers

by Amy Kraft on July 4, 2012


This past weekend we took an unexpected trip to Chicago. When we last flew with Ozzie late last summer, I swore I wouldn’t fly with him again until he was at least 10. Fortunately, the boy has discover apps since that last screaming flight.

On this trip, he was a fine little traveler thanks in part to Yo Gabba Gabba and two apps. The first apt app is Oceanhouse Media’s adaptation of Byron Barton’s PlanesThe board book is a family favorite, and Ozzie loves to find the pages where the people animate up into the plane and come back out of the plane. “People! Home!” It was fun to point to the control tower in the book and then show him the one out the window. We desperately need Oceanhouse to make Byron Barton’s Trucks next.

The other app we spent a great deal of time with is what Ozzie refers to as ‘Potty One’, otherwise known as Pepi Bath. You can choose between a boy or a girl, and then take him or her to the potty, to the laundry, to brush teeth, or to the bath. It’s a fantastic app for kids like Ozzie who are just starting to name things and get into routines.

The app is great for exploratory play in all of these familiar household scenes, but I wish there was more flexibility in the play. For instance, to do the laundry, you have to put all of the clothes into the washer, then put shoes away, then put soap in, and then you can turn the washing machine on. It would better serve the young kids to have more sandbox play. Just let my boy just open and close the washing machine and turn it on and off like he wants to.

The potty is the best part. You can help the boy or girl poop by pressing their tummies. Even at two, Ozzie understands that farts are funny.

While in Chicago, my brother let me know about  apps that his 9-month-old has been playing, Tesla Toy and Line Art. In both of these apps, kids can drag their fingers on the screen to make cool designs. The apps support multitouch, which is great for toddlers who like having both hands on the iPad. My niece has managed to save some beautiful fireworks images to the gallery all on her own. And, today is a fine day for making some digital fireworks with your little one.

KImberly November 8, 2012 at 8:20 am

Love this list! Thank you so much for sharing.

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