Be Ye a Pirate or a Parrot… or a Landlubber?

by Amy Kraft on September 19, 2012

Avast! Once again it’s Talk Like a Pirate Day! Our little guy is super into pirates right now. We’ve taught Ozzie how to say “walk the plank” and this morning he learned “scurvy dog”. A bunch of our YouTube favorites are perfect for today.

The Flannery Brothers are here to help you explain the difference between pirates and parrots. You know, in case you were having trouble.

If you need something more epic, try the Pirate Peg Leg Song where a pirate goes in search of his grandpappy’s peg leg.

Or, perhaps the so-bad-it’s-good is more your speed. While searching for pirates one day, we came upon the “educational” videos of Pirate Steve. I found these so hilarious that I showed Ozzie, who of course fell in love with them and started asking for Pirate Steve by name. Every pirate became Pirate Steve.

A great Talk Like a Pirate Day to you landlubbers!

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