Big Apple Big Top

by Amy Kraft on December 22, 2008

Tonight we visited the Big Apple Circus with Olive and her best friend. We had thought about going last year, but I’m glad we waited until they were 3. The show had lots of great moments, but Olive clearly favored the animal acts of the second act. She asked me before the show if I thought the circus would have baby kittens or a baby dinosaur. Imagine her delight when she saw the miniature horse, or “baby pony”. Awwww!

Despite the great talent of the performers, some of the acts went on a little long. As amazing as it might be, a three-year-old can only watch a trapeze act for so long.

Olive loved the jugglers and the clowns were great (not phobia-inducing at all). The circus felt quite intimate – it’s a small venue and the performs were always walking around. In fact, Grandma Clown, star of the show, greeted us with a “I would have flossed if I’d known you were coming” when we arrived.

The circus band was pretty rockin’. They had a broad range, from Medieval Fair to Van Halen to some Tarantino soundtrack hits. A good time was had by all, and I’ll tell you that the view from the cheap seats was just fine. Big Apple Circus is in NYC until January 18, then it’s on to Atlanta.

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