Designers, Make it Work!

by Amy Kraft on August 13, 2011

First a friend of mine said she was watching it with her 6-year-old son, and then a neighbor said she was watching it with her 5-year-old daughter. Could it be true? Could it be time to start watching Project Runway with Olive? On a whim, I watched an old episode with her about a week before season 9 began thinking that if she liked it we could watch the new season together.

I almost bailed on the episode, remember how catty the designers can be and how foul the language is, though most of it is bleeped. (I’m thankful Olive’s never asked what that beeping is all about.) But then Olive’s interest in the show surpassed my wildest imagination. Not only does she sit through the whole episode, but she offers some surprisingly astute commentary on the designs. This past week she picked Cecelia and Danielle’s outfit as one of her favorites, and I thought it was atrocious. I don’t care how hard chiffon is to work with, that’s a lot of taupe for a stilt-walker. Naturally the judges were right in line with Olive’s thinking.

She adorably finds the positive in every outfit on the runway, and last night while watching the show she started making “looks” out of the blanket on the sofa.

Today we decided to have our own runway challenge. First we met our models.

Groovy Girls proved excellent to work with. Not only did we have a level playing field with similar models, but we voodooed the clothes right on them, pressing straight pins right into their bodies.

Olive thought we should sketch first.

And then we went shopping in the Mood Craft Bin. Olive set the time and budget as limitless – we could use anything in the bin any time we wanted.

She went with felt and ribbon, and I chose foam and pipe cleaners. I soon regretted my material choices when I found it hard not to make my Groovy Girl look unflatteringly like a rectangle.

We also reminded each other to choose carefully from the Piperlime Accessory Stool.

Here is our final work before sending the models down to the runway. Hers was an elegant bridal motif that in the end pleased the judge (Daddy) more than my sporty number. Dangit, now Olive has immunity next week.

I anticipate upcoming challenges to include:

  • Newspaper and magazines
  • Yarn
  • Mr. Potato Head accessories
  • Aluminum foil
  • Olive’s nature collection

And, of course, Ozzie is set to appear as a guest model. We’ll have to find a new way to affix the clothes onto him, though. I don’t think he’ll like the straight pins.

If you do any challenges at your house, I want pictures!

Melissa Sarno August 14, 2011 at 10:47 am

LOVE it. This has made my day. Can I come over and play?

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