An Earth Day Gift for All Ages

by Amy Kraft on April 22, 2012

I first fell in love with Tegu magnetic wooden blocks at the 2011 Toy Fair. We love all forms of magnetic building toys in our house, and these blocks in natural hardwoods feel amazing in your hands. The kids got the Tegu 22-piece set for Christmas, but they don’t build as much as I thought they would with them. It would be amazing to have a few more of those sets to open up more options, but that comes as a hefty price tag at 60 bucks a set.

Enter the new Tegu Prism Pocket Pouch. I was thrilled when Tegu said they’d send me one to try out, because I’d been eying their other travel pouch. Like their other blocks, these prisms are eco-friendly and paint-free. It may be my imagination, or it may have something to do with size and shape, but the magnets feel stronger in these. Where we feel lacking in the rectangular sets, six prism pieces is all we need to be occupied for hours. They lend themselves, as tangrams do, to pictorial shapes. Look a duck! A rocket! A house!

We also have a great deal of metal furniture in the house, and Ozzie has discovered building and playing vertically. When we build on my metal desk, we can create gravity-defying shapes because they’re magnetically anchored.

Yesterday we tried them in the wild for the first time. We’re pretty lax about screen time in this house, but one place where I hate having it is at the dinner table. Having compelling non-screen entertainment for a restaurant is hard to find, particularly for Ozzie. The Tegu blocks kept him going for a while. It worked out well that the edge of the restaurant table was metal for him to continue his battle with gravity.

When the prism blocks aren’t in the diaper bag, they live on my desk. They’re quite soothing to play with during conference calls. I could see getting them for kids of all different ages, as well as for office gifts. They’re worth the $30 price tag because of how much you can do with this perfect, compact set. Add to that Tegu’s mission of job creation, sustainable forestry, and the funding of education in Honduras, and you have all of the reasons why the Tegu Prism Pocket Pouch gets the Media Macaroni Seal of Approval.

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