Fall = Apples + Art

by Amy Kraft on October 8, 2011

Days like today are why we pay for Zipcar. Not only was it a gorgeous day, but it was a lovely reminder of all the cool stuff there is to do a short distance away from the city. The primary item on our agenda was a visit to the relatively low-key Fishkill Farms for some apple picking.

Despite their website trying to ward people off saying how picked over they were, we came home with a gigantic bushel of delicious apples. And bellies full of cider donuts. When we realized we were about 20 minutes away from Dia:Beacon, we decided to make a day of it.

In case you don’t know it, Dia:Beacon, part of the Dia Art Foundation, is an industrial space converted into a gorgeous museum featuring all of the giants of Minimalism. We haven’t been there since Olive was little, and found it to be very kid-friendly (not that they could touch anything). Dia has wide open spaces and a very relaxed atmosphere.

When Olive was a toddler she became a tiny Richard Serra fan, both because of the permanent installation at Dia:Beacon and because of a MOMA exhibition a little while later. They’re phenomenal sculptures for kids to see because you can walk inside of them, and in some it takes a couple loops to find the center, not unlike a giant steel corn maze. I remember going to MOMA after the exhibit had closed, and Olive kept asking for “the paintings you can go inside.” (That one took us a while to decode.)

Ozzie had a good time, too. He particularly liked the giant gallery of color canvases by Imi Knoebel, and both kids liked John Chamberlain’s sculptures made out of colorful old car parts.

I also found an impulse buy in the gift shop. I’ve seen a lot of board books featuring different artists, but I’m not exaggerating when I say that this is the greatest one I have ever seen. It’s Counting with Wayne Thiebaud. Now, if you don’t know Wayne Theibaud‘s work you’re missing out. He became well know for painting luscious pictures of the kind of food you’d find in a diner, especially cake and pie. His work always gave me hunger pangs in Art History class. Ozzie seems to love the book. He held it and babbled at it during much of the car ride back.

And, if you do find yourself at Dia:Beacon with your kids, head over to Main Street to Zora Dora’s Micro Batch Ice Cream and Paletas. That’s a fancy way of saying that they make awesome popsicles. My flavor was Carmel Apple Sea Salt and it was deee-licious.

I wish we could have brought some back with us, but we did bring home the happy and content feeling of fall.

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