Girl-Power Picture Books

by Amy Kraft on December 18, 2010

Here are two great books that celebrate the smarts of girls.

My Name Is Not Isabella by Jennifer Fosberry, illustrated by Mike Litwin

In this book, little Isabella shakes off her own identity to pretend she is one of the great women of history.

“My name is not Isabella!” said the little girl.

“Then who has been sleeping in my daughter’s bed?” asked the mother.

“I am SALLY, the greatest, toughest astronaut who ever was!”

The illustrations show Isabella as she imagines herself to be Sally Ride, Annie Oakley, Rosa Parks, Marie Curie, and Elizabeth Blackwell. The back of the book fills in the details on the accomplishments of these great women. (Review copy provided.)

Oh No! (Or How My Science Project Destroyed the World) by Mac Barnett, illustrated by Dan Santat

I knew that I would love this book from the moment I first laid eyes on the cover. Don’t you love it already? Reading it doesn’t disappoint. The book features a girl supergenius, doing so well at the science fair until the robot she built went on a rampage and started destroying the city. She reflected that maybe she shouldn’t have given it that superclaw, or a laser eye, or the power to control dogs’ minds. She lamented that she didn’t program it to feel pain. She could have, you know, as her genius is obvious from the robot’s capabilities. The book is chocked-full of awesome adventure, made even more awesome with Dan Santat’s epic illustrations. (Copy provided by Olive’s grandparents who bought it for her for Christmas – thank you! I should probably disclose my kidlit crush on Mac Barnett, though.)

Jonathan December 18, 2010 at 1:20 pm

I love “Oh No!” also—the endpaper diagram illustrations are great, too, and the movie-poster inside of the dust jacket is brilliant. And I’m a big fan of Mac Barnett, too: have you read “Guess Again”?

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