Going on a Field Trip with Recess Monkey

by Amy Kraft on April 25, 2009

Putting Field Trip, the new album by Recess Monkey, into the stereo was quite like putting a quarter in Olive. I’ve never seen her react so immediately to music. About 10 seconds in, she was bopping her head from side to side and swinging her legs along to the music. In the middle of track 2 she said, “Mommy, do you hear how nicely he’s singing?” From there it spiraled into a living room dance party.


After being taken in by the catchy melodies, I began to notice the lyrics perfect for connecting with kids, with songs about a marshmallow farm, building a fort, a joke-telling octopus, and the story of a field trip told from the point of view of a sack lunch. Some of the songs are particularly relevant with the preschooler in my house, especially The Teens: “Sometimes it seems so funny when I try to count to twenty. Something happens in the teens.” Ain’t that the truth. 


And no wonder Recess Monkey churns out these great lyrics – this Seattle trio is comprised of Kindergarten teachers. The only song I take issue with is L.I.C.E., which, of course, stands for “Little Insects Crawling Everywhere.” In this song, Recess Monkey would have you believe that the isle of Manhattan is swarming with L.I.C.E. Fellas, I think you’re mixing up L.I.C.E. with B.E.D.B.U.G.S. Please add that song to your next album. 

And speaking of Manhattan, Recess Monkey will be performing a free summer show at 3 pm on Saturday, July 11 at the New York Public Library’s Children’s Center at 42nd Street. Let’s give them a fine NYC welcome.

Field Trip comes out on June 9, but you can pre-order it here

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