Happy Birthday, Easy-Bake!

by Amy Kraft on October 11, 2013


I recently attended an event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of my favorite toys, the Easy-Bake Oven. Walking into the room, I was treated to an abbreviated history in the history of appliances in the form of an Easy-Bake timeline. For the bloggers in the room, it was fun to date people based on which one they ran up to lovingly. Just look at some of these beauties.


My childhood memory of having my own oven is emblazoned on my mind and body. I’m not a woman of many scars, but I have an awesome scar on my leg from my oven as a kid. Here’s how I remember it going down.

Mom: “And then we put it in the oven like this until it dings. Now I’m going to walk out of the room because we have company, but DO NOT take the cake out of the oven without me.”

Me: “OK”

Oven: *ding*

Me: “MmmmmmmCAKE!”


Memories like these are priceless. I really do look upon it fondly. It was the 70s, though. Those were dangerous times.



(I love the return to gender neutral colors in the latest iteration!)


After the stroll down memory lane, the marvelous culinary expert and Top Chef judge, Gail Simmons, demonstrated how to think like a chef with an Easy-Bake oven. I found this very inspiring. She took the basic chocolate cake and icing mixes and spiced them up with chopped walnuts and marshmallows to make a s’mores cake.

Even more inspired, she took the pink sugar cookie mix and added chunks of pineapple and cream cheese frosting for a delightful 60s-inspired cookie. Who would have thought?


Olive and I like to sit around and brainstorm ice cream flavors and cookie ideas we should try, but I confess that we rarely experiment much beyond prescribed recipes. Maybe it’s because it feels like too much risk with the time and cost of ingredients factored in. Thinking of the Easy-Bake oven as a laboratory for these ideas, though, may help get us on our way.

She’s totally getting one for Christmas. I’ll probably make a point of being there when she takes the pan out, though. (Though now it has a fancy-dancy cooling area. Kids today have it sooooo easy.)

Happy Birthday, Easy-Bake!

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