Happy Thanksgiving, Splat!

by Amy Kraft on November 18, 2012

We don’t have a lot of Thanksgiving books around here, but we do have quite a few of Rob Scotton’s Splat books. His latest, Splat Says Thank You, isn’t exactly a Thanksgiving book — there are no turkeys or pilgrims or cranberry sauces of any kind — but it’s still a lovely book to read for the holiday because it’s all about saying thanks.

Splat’s best friend Seymour the mouse is sick in bed, covered in spots. When Splat noticed that Seymour hadn’t smiled all day, he thought of a way to make Seymour smile. He made Seymour a Friendship Book. In it, he chronicled their adventures and all of the times Seymour had rescued him from trees, or from embarrassment when Splat forgot his lines in the the school play. And all those times when Seymour cheered him up when he needed cheering, and gave him support when he needed supporting. For all of these things, Splat said Thank You.

Reading this book makes me want to go off and write several Friendship Books of my own, and hopefully kids will have the same reaction. In the dedication of the book, Rob Scotton asks, “Who is your Seymour?” This Thanksgiving, maybe think about who your Seymour is and write that person a Friendship Book. Bonus points for adding fluffy, adorable cats.

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