Hello, Constable. Fancy a puppet show?

by Amy Kraft on September 14, 2011

On a bitterly cold winter day a couple years back, a handful of train transfers got me to the doorstep of Puppet Heap, makers of truly amazing puppets. Since then, a few cool things have happened. First, they started doing puppets for the Daily Show. Hilarious. And that John McCain one is a pretty good likeness.

Puppet Heap has also launched their own puppet line, putting their bizarro puppets into the hands of babes. Just look at this motley crew.

The Constable puppet, of the Puppet Heap police department, was kind enough to come for a stay in our house so we could try him out. His head is like a firm pillow that you can put fingers in for stability, and his body is soft fabric which makes gesturing easy. (I can’t tell you how many puppets we have that are too plushy to get any real movement.) As a funny little detail, the Constable also has a ‘Kick Me’ sign on his back.

What I really appreciate is the weirdness of these puppets. Here are some of the other puppets we have in our house: monkey, lion, princess, monkey, caterpillar, monkey… To introduce an old-timey policeman in the midst brings a whole new level of imaginative storytelling. It was fun puppeteering with Olive as we tried to arrest each other for a wide range of different offenses. There are some other nicely strange puppets available, including Old Mother Hubbard and Cabby the Alien. Imagine the conversation these puppets could have with one another.

Coming in the next batch are Omar and Omar’s Mother, so you can reenact this delightful tale:

The first set of puppets will be available next month for around 20 bucks each.

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