How to Potty Train Your Pirate

by Amy Kraft on September 19, 2013


Avast, me hearties! ‘Tis Talk Like a Pirate Day! What better way to spend the day than on the poop deck with your wee one?

Yes, it’s potty-training time once again in the Macaroni household. After Olive made her transition out of diapers to the promised land, I think we must have unloaded all of our over-read potty books because none remain. (Well, except for Everyone Poops, but you can pry that book from my cold, dead hands. I’ll never get rid of that one.) So, we went a’potty book shoppin’ and happened upon the book Pirate Potty. I bought it despite the fact that the “girl” version is Princess Potty and the princess/pirate dichotomy pisses me off. Why not Supergirl Potty? Rock Star Potty? Or heck, just a girl pirate. But, this book was for my boy who asked to be a pirate for Halloween last year, so it was a good fit.

In the book, a swashbuckling mouse lets you in on a little secret: “Even pirates use the potty.” Sure, they may start out in some jolly roger diapers, but soon he’s ready to board the potty. And of course, every good pirate need a shanty to sing on the pot:

Yo-ho, yo-ho, I’ll wait until I go!

Yo-ho, yo-hey! The potty’s here to stay!

Mom and Dad Pirate give our little pirate a sticker for his pirate hat. The book comes with a pirate hat that you can punch out and give your matey to wear when he boards the potty, but we thought that it would last about five seconds if we used it as a hat. So, we hung the hat on the door and that’s where Captain Ozzie puts a sticker each time he goes. There are tons of little skull and doubloon stickers. We’ve been at it a while now and we’re in no danger of running out anytime soon, though hopefully we won’t need them forever.


Pick up Pirate Potty for your pirate. Avast, me hearties? More like avast, me farties!

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