In Love with iPhone Apps: Dizzy Bee

by Amy Kraft on August 11, 2008

Ah, friends, the day has finally arrived. I have an iPhone in my hands at last. I lacked the fanboy stamina (and time) to wait in a 6 hour line to get one, so had to wait. And wait. But, it’s here and I’m finally getting to enjoy some iPhone apps in my download frenzy.  

Aside from the rotary dial app, which I think is hilarious and a great way to talk to Olive about the evolution of technology, I’m most enjoying Dizzy Bee. Dizzy Bee is a delightful puzzle game where our little bee has to roll around different environments using the motion sensing tilt of the iPhone to collect flowers and fruit friends while avoiding contact with dangerous objects. 

These puzzles ratchet up in difficulty pretty quickly, so the youngest players will only be able to make it through the easiest levels. I think that’s just fine. I’m not so inclined to let Olive wave around my precious new iPhone just yet. Older kids will enjoy the different puzzles, cute screens, and fabulous sound effects.  

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