Interview With a 2-Year-Old

by Amy Kraft on May 5, 2012

Today is Cinco de Mayo which means that my boy is turning 2! While Ozzie isn’t quite capable of being interviewed, we conferred as a family to decide what we thought his favorite things of the past year were.

Favorite Book

For pretty much the whole year, Ozzie’s been obsessed with the Priddy Books’ giant First 100 Words book, handed down from Olive. It’s really helped him to develop some new words as he names the objects and animals. Mostly, though, he just likes looking at the pictures of the other babies. If Ozzie heads to the bookshelf saying, “Baby! Baby!” we know what he’s after.

A close runner up of late is Trains Go. Ozzie loves it when the train goes whooooooooosh.

Favorite TV Show

I thought it was curious that one of Ozzie’s early words was ‘Abba’. It turns out, he didn’t mean the Swedish supergroup but rather Yo Gabba Gabba. I informed him early on that he must like that show because I wanted to keep watching it. Fortunately, he really likes it all on his own. And like mom, he likes Brobee the best.

Favorite Toy

This category was a close call, because he spent a lot of time with Skylee and with his LeapFrog My Own Story Time. But we decided the favorite was really his Wedgits. It’s marvelous that a building toy we got for Olive has so much appeal for both her and her baby brother. They’re great for toddler building, but allow for some cool creativity for older builders.

Favorite Museum

I’m glad to say that our little guy has been to quite a few museums, but the one he seems to like the best is the American Museum of Natural History, particularly in the Hall of Gems and Minerals. For anyone who hasn’t been there, it’s a toddler wonderland. It’s a dark room with lots of lit up rocks to look at, but more importantly, there’s an endless sea of carpeted stairs to crawl around on.

Favorite App

Interestingly, despite what I do for a living, Ozzie hasn’t spent much time with apps. That decision was mainly to protect the iPad from being tossed across the room, but also because Ozzie didn’t show a lot of interest. A couple of weeks ago, though, something seemed to click in his baby brain and he understood the basics of how to interact. He likes Koi Pond now even more than when he was a baby. Some days Koi Pond is the only way we can get a diaper changed.

In second place is the close, personal relationship he has with Siri.

Favorite Music

The boy loves OK Go. Rarely does a day go by when we don’t watch one of their videos on YouTube. The points of entry for Ozzie were the Muppet video and the dog video, but lately we’ve been enjoying some of their other work, particularly the video and song for “End Love”.

Happy Birthday to my sweet boy!

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