Interview with a 4-Year-Old

by Amy Kraft on May 7, 2014


Unbelievably, my baby turned 4 this week. That means it must be time for a roundup of his favorite things from the past year. Of course, this is still an age of unreliable witness, so I added some family thoughts as well.


Favorite Book: Too Many Toys by David Shannon

It’s hard to argue with this one, and like young Spencer, perhaps Ozzie relates because he has Too. Many. Toys. Like Olive around this age, he’s also been super into Shrek and Doctor Desoto, and he went through a stage where all he wanted to read was The Cat in the Hat and The Cat in the Hat Comes Back. 


Favorite App: Toca Doctor

I really wouldn’t have quibbled if he had named any of the Toca apps for this, but Toca Doctor has been especially popular of late.


Favorite TV Show: Adventure Time

I know. I know, I know, I know, I know. I swear he started the year in the appropriate land of Daniel Tiger, and then he moved on to watch The Magic School Bus episodes on Netflix on steady repeat. (Still does.) But when asked to name his favorite show, he happily said the show he picked up from his big sister, Adventure Time. Do I think it’s age appropriate? No. Do I like watching it with him? Yes.

Favorite Movie: Frozen

Yeah, this was his birthday cake:


I’m sure we’ve now seen Frozen approximately 1,372 times. I like Frozen, but I’m a little sad that it supplanted Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, which got funnier with every viewing.

Favorite Music: See above

Is there any other song?

Of course, this was the year of What Does the Fox Say. And it’s worth mentioning that we’ve been listening to Frances England’s Blink of an Eye every night for months.

Favorite Toy: “Sage”

This is his little stuffed black dog named after my sister’s dog. See? He’s still my little baby.


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And, for kicks, here’s Olive’s interview from when she was 4.

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