Know Your Presidents with Thud!

by Amy Kraft on November 3, 2012


Friend of the blog, Russell Ginns, has designed an app just in time for election day, Thud! Presidents.

How well do you know your presidents? Thud! Presidents will let you know with it’s rapid-fire presidential trivia. First, choose between two levels: Brainy and Insaney. Then answer trivia questions by choosing one of the presidential faces at the bottom of the screen.

For instance, can you answer these questions?

1. Who was the first president born to be born a citizen of the United States?

2. Who was president when Jackie Robinson became the first African American baseball player?

3. Who was the only president adopted as a child?


1. Martin Van Buren

2. Harry Truman

3. Gerald Ford

Once you’ve correctly identified the president, you get to drop him in game of presidential Topple. This isn’t easy because the presidents are in shapes like stars, eagles, and the Capitol building. Not easy stackers. You try to stack presidents to reach your goal. Each time you drop a prez off the platform (no Bob Dole jokes…) you fill in a letter of THUD. Fill in all four letter and you lose the level.

What’s great about this game is that there’s no weighty penalty for guessing. You can guess your way through all of the choices and still get to try to stack the answer. As a result, Olive, who probably couldn’t name more than three presidents before starting this game, has been having a blast with it. Through guessing is learning, and there’s some pretty fascinating presidential trivia.

Thud! Presidents is only $1.99 through election day. It’s a great time filler while waiting to vote!

And please, everyone, rock the vote on Tuesday!

Jace Punke April 10, 2013 at 3:00 pm

I love this website!!!!!

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