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by Amy Kraft on June 24, 2013

It’s already been two whole months since Kindiefest, the family music conference, and I’ve been on a Kindie music video spree ever since.

At Kindiefest, Stefan Shepherd of Zooglobble had a kindie music video screening where the biggest news story was at long last a music video from Lunch Money! We had the sneak peek but I’m so happy to say that it’s ready for public consumption. Not only is “Spicy Kid” a terrific song, the music video evokes both Mannequin and The Blues Brothers. What could be better? Maybe car chases in the next video.

The fabulous thing about Stefan is that he knows absolutely everything there is to know about Kindie music, so he introduced me to some bands and videos that had previously managed not to blip on my Kindie radar. (Kindar?)

For instance, “The Elephant Song,” hilarity from Eric Herman. What kid doesn’t like to correct grown-ups when they’re wrong?

And similies and metaphors recast as superheros in this video from The Bazillions

“When I Look Into the Night Sky” is a stunning song and video from Lori Henriques.

In other major Kindie music news, there’s a new Recess Monkey album out! Not only are the tunes awesome as ever in Deep Sea Diver,  but the accompanying videos are like the Life Aquatic with Recess Monkey, playing off of the Wes Anderson movie. (Because kids love Wes Anderson.) Here’s my favorite so far, “Tambourine Submarine.”

Joanie Leeds also has a new album out. Bandwagon hits stores tomorrow, and she’s been rocking out videos all month long to celebrate its release. From now on, if anyone asks me what to do in NYC, I’m going to point them to her new “I Love NY” video.

Ozzie’s at the age where fire trucks are awesome and his little daycare class takes big, exciting trips to the fire station, so “(I Woke Up) In a Fire Truck” from Karen K and the Jitterbugs really satisfies. Bonus points for the Brady Bunch reference.

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