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by Amy Kraft on July 22, 2013


I don’t know why I always think everything is going to be a thing. Like when Olive looks up at the shelves above my desk, the shelves filled with the crushing weight of my to-be-reviewed pile, and says, “Mom, can I try that?” I always think that I need a 2-3 hour window to start a project, combined with full caffeination and no other things to do.

I should have known that LittleBits wouldn’t be like that. I even played with them at Toy Fair. LittleBits are electronic modules for circuit-building and project-making. I pulled down the starter kit that LittleBits sent me around the holidays. Sure enough, Olive had a circuit going within minutes. We quickly worked our way through some of the suggested circuits, and everyone in the family came over to give it a try.

The pieces are not just well made, but they’re really cute. Everything about them screams that they’re for kids. The magnets are easy to snap together and take apart, and they hold together well. There are a bunch of pieces that kids can use to see cause and effect, like the piece that changes the blinking speed of the LED light:

The best part about LittleBits was how easy it was to jump into a meaningful project. Olive spotted the paper lantern on the Projects section of the LittleBits website, and she was off and running. She made a prototype out of regular paper before deciding that construction paper would do better to hold the wiring.


We’re excited to try out more projects and add more LittleBits to our collection.

Cynthia August 13, 2013 at 5:33 pm

If you create a new project with littleBits, could you upload your photos or video on our project page? It might help inspire others to create something fun.

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