MM Gift Guide: Gifts for Creative Kids

by Amy Kraft on December 2, 2011

Here are some things for your budding artists and architects, including a few things you can get ahead of the holidays to have them make gifts for others.

Eye Can Art kits ($25-$35)

I love the Eye Can Art art kits because with things like layered wax drawings, Sumi-e painting, and printmaking, these are outside the usual realm of kids’ art supplies, with beautiful results!

Woolbuddy kits ($16 – $90)

The overwhelming cuteness of these Woolbuddies stopped me in my tracks at ComicCon this year. Even newbies to wool felting can make something adorable with these all-inclusive kits.

Tegu Magnetic Blocks ($32)

We’re serious about magnetic building toys in our house, with our vast collection of Magna-Tiles and Magneatos, but I’ve got Tegu blocks on both kids’ wish lists for their beautiful look and feel as well as their vast building potential. The larger sets are great for those with deep pockets, but the more affordable option is the Tegu pocket pouch, great for building on the go.

PlayShapes ($150)

Speaking of deep pockets, you’ll need them for these awesome blocks. Any block set that comes with a mustache-shaped block is A-OK with me. This set of 74 blocks is nice for a more sculptural approach to building.

Monster Doodle Book ($13.95)

Quite often when I’m on Amazon, I throw another copy of the Monster Doodle Book into my cart to have on hand for birthday gifts (we’re giving one tomorrow to one of Olive’s BFFs). Pair it with a cool set of colored pencils and you’ve filled Christmas vacation with monster-filled goodness. Read the review.

Cross Stitch iPhone cases ($24.20)

OK, so maybe the kids don’t need this for themselves, but what an awesome thing to make for Mom or Grandma for Christmas!

Totally Tape ($9.95)

I’m a little embarrassed to say that I spent $40 this year on tape to give Olive as a Christmas present – fancy Japanese tape from a card boutique in Brooklyn. The girl loves tape! In retrospect, I should have gotten her Totally Tape from Klutz. That’s probably what I’ll do when we run out of the fancy stuff.

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