Oh, The Things You Can Tape!

by Amy Kraft on April 10, 2011

Olive loves tape. We go through so much Scotch tape I feel like we should own the company by now. So today, we took her to tape heaven: the fifth floor of Pearl Paint, the NYC art supply mecca.

We quickly realized our mistake when we saw many of the rolls were upwards of ten bucks a roll. Yikes! But we made it out of there with a couple rolls of colorful $4 rolls.

We’ve already discovered the things that you can do with tape. Olive and I made each other jewelry. I’m pretty happy with our Wonder Woman color combination.

Olive also ran off with the red and came back with this:

The red tape really adds dimension to Captain Underpants’ cape, don’t you think?

On a day when we have more time, I want to try wrapping tape around objects to give them new life, one of the many great ideas from this inspired post from my fellow GeekMom, Kris Bordessa. Got any more tapey ideas?

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