Olive’s and Rosie Flo’s Fashion Show

by Amy Kraft on April 11, 2012

Usually when Olive and I make our own fashion shows, we use a combination of Groovy Girls and art supplies (generally lots and lots of colored tape). Now Chronicle Books has given us a new way to create a show, runway and everything!

Rosie Flo’s Fashion Show is a box filled with fashion goodies. The first thing Olive seized upon were the invitations, inviting everyone in the family to her green-themed fashion show. (She started this around St. Patrick’s Day.) Then she started in on the designs.

There are two different types of paper dolls, one set of fashionable spectators and one set of models to walk the runway. The fashions are fashionable to start, but there’s lots of room for your young designer to add his or her inspiration. Check out Olive’s goth look for spring.

Then there’s the venue itself. The whole thing folds up into a neoclassical fashion wonderland. There are fold up chairs for your runway guests, and a crowd of onlookers that can also be customized. Now we need to make mini Michael Kors and Nina Garcia.

The level of detail and amount of things do do will keep your designer busy for hours. There’s even a backstage area to design. Plus, the finish product becomes a reusable playset perfect for Fashion Week.

We were provided a review copy of Rosie Flo’s Fashion Show.

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