Review Policy

So you’d like to send me something to review? Fantastic! I can’t wait!

Before you send me anything, though, I ask that you please take this oath:

I, [STATE YOUR NAME], do solemnly swear that what I have to send to Media Macaroni is an awesome kids’ product, or, at the very least, something relevant to the world of kids’ media.

I, [STATE YOUR NAME], recognize that Media Macaroni is a blog that recommends products and that any product that Amy isn’t excited about will likely not be reviewed.

I, [STATE YOUR NAME], totally understand that Amy is but one woman who also tends to work several jobs and is a mom of two kids, and even though my product is awesome, I know that Amy might not get to it right away. This is especially true if I have an app, a CD, or a lengthy tome, because those are key areas where Amy tends to fall behind.

I, [STATE YOUR NAME], will let Amy know if there is a specific date that I’d like a post written by, I’ll let Amy know before sending her anything.

I, [STATE YOUR NAME], will email Amy at if I have any questions or if I would like a gut check on whether I should send something or not.

Thanks, everyone!

Please note that my opinions are my own, and none of my reviews are paid for by the companies whose work I’m showcasing. Where I have a natural bias, like when it’s a product that I worked on or was the creation of friends, I disclose that information in the post.