Riding the Free Candy Train

by Amy Kraft on September 12, 2011

Over the weekend, whilst looking for updates to Plants vs. Zombies, Olive and I discovered an app called Candy Train. I saw the word ‘PopCap‘ followed by the word ‘Free’ and the downloading began. You know, for the girl.

Now she sees me with the iPad and says, “Are you playing Candy Train again?!” Then she’ll come over and play with me. Or play the first level and then hand it over to me to finish. Or take over when I’m on level 4 or 5 and proceed to crash my candy train. Grrrr.

Basically, it’s a simple puzzle game where you have to rotate tiles to make a path for the Candy Train so that it can pick up all of its delicious cargo and make its way to the station. The track turns pink as you make a path for the train, but tiles can drop out and mess up everything.

Part of what makes this game endearing is this description from PopCap on the app store:

Candy Train was an old and nearly forgotten PopCap title from many years ago. However, an aspiring game programmer, working in a different part of the company, loved Candy Train and thought it would be a great game for iPhones, iPod touches and iPads and so she started working in her free time to create a new version specifically, for these devices. She poured equal amounts of sweat, tears and love into this iOS adaptation of Candy Train and we think it’s great enough to share with the world.

To Sophia the game programmer, thank you. I’m sorry you had to prove yourself in that way, but I’m glad that you’re getting some recognition and know that we’re enjoying your baby.

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