Saving for Med School, iPad Edition

by Amy Kraft on April 20, 2012


When Olive was three, she was hooked on BrainPop on the computer. Much as she loved it, I wasn’t ready to shell out the $99 to subscribe to Brainpop so that she could watch all of the videos on the site. Gradually, she exhausted the supply of free online videos and moved onto other things.

Flash forward to a couple weeks ago when I noticed that there was a BrainPop iPad app. She’s at a better age for the content now (it was a wee precocious for a three-year-old to watch the stuff), so I thought I’d give it a try. The app is free to download, then just like the website, there are a handful of free videos but a subscription is required to have access to everything. The difference here is instead of paying a hundred bucks up front, there are options to pay $1.99/month or $6.99/month to unlock more content.

Once Olive noticed the app was on the iPad, she started watching the videos again. Ever time she had the iPad on I heard the familiar beeping of Moby the Robot. She answered with an emphatic yes when I asked her if she was interested in subscribing. So, what the heck, I went all-in at the $6.99 rate. So far, it’s been totally worth the money. As with when she was younger, she seems to be obsessed with the medical stuff, watching videos about degenerative diseases and what happens when you die from a scientific perspective. Either she’s got some dark stuff she’s thinking about, or we need to kick our med school savings program into high gear.

The timing for getting hooked on BrainPop again has been fortuitous in unfortunate times. You see, Ozzie broke his arm last weekend. He’s a trooper and doing fine, but the situation has been causing some worry. BrainPop to the rescue! Olive did a search on broken bones and was able to watch all about them and how they heal.

BrainPop videos do an excellent job of distilling really complex subjects into videos that are totally understandable to kids. I’m happy that Olive is choosing to spend some of her precious iPad time watching these videos. The monthly rate seems worth it for us. Sure, if we subscribe for a year we’re getting awfully close to that hundred dollar mark, but at least this way we have the flexibility to cancel.

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