Shhh, This NYC Theater is a Secret

by Amy Kraft on February 8, 2014


UPDATE: There’s been a change of dates, and Ghostbusters is happening on 3/23!

When you live as far uptown as we do, you have a certain acceptance that the true gems of New York City are a subway ride away. We recently discovered we have a secret, wonderful gem of a theater uptown, the United Palace of Cultural Arts. It is beautiful inside.


What brought us there was their new series of NYC-centric films, hosted by In the Heights creator Lin-Manuel Miranda. The movie in question was The Muppets Take Manhattan, and given that it was hosted by a Tony-winning talent, Miranda was joined for a pre-show by Lonny Price who plays the Muppets’ Broadway producer in the movie, and fellow Broadway star, Avenue Q‘s John Tartaglia. Live Broadway-quality music this far uptown? Awesome! (Well, technically we were on Broadway. 4140 Broadway.) It was also a treat to see this particular Muppet movie on the big screen. I haven’t seen it in ages, certainly not since moving to New York 15 years ago. I thought I had forgotten it, but found I remembers almost everything.


Now, I don’t want you to be sad that you missed it, because there are some great movies coming up, and all shows have Spanish subtitles:

February 23 – West Side Story. Rita Moreno will be there!

March 23 – Manhattan

April 27 – King Kong

May 18 – The Warriors

June 22 – Ghostbusters

Dude. Ghostbusters on the big screen! In NYC! Can. Not. Wait.

As I looked around the theater I saw that it was filled with neighbors and friends. It felt like our own special secret. So, I’m telling you about it, but don’t tell anyone else. OK?

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