Sounds Like Halloween!

by Amy Kraft on October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween! Here are a couple new songs by marvelous people to get you in the Halloween spirit, both about making awesome homemade costumes. Though I *might* have bought my kids’ costumes this year, I love the homemade ones the best.

Grab a free download of three Halloween songs by the Flannery Brothers while you check out their new “Robot for Halloween” video. (I also have a soft spot for this one because it recently launched on Speakaboos.)

Todd McHatton has been pairing up with all kinds of people in the kindie scene lately. Here he and Lori Henriques think about what you can be “For Halloween This Year”.

OK, OK, this last one isn’t specifically about Halloween, but it’s another Todd McHatton collaboration, this time with Mista Cookie Jar. It’s weird and awesome and I can’t get enough of it.

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