Symphony Space is Great for Kids: Just Kidding

by Amy Kraft on January 16, 2014


My family and I were recently invited to attend a show at Symphony Space, part of the Just Kidding series for families. We have never been disappointed with a Just Kidding show, and this was no exception. Lunch Money, one of our favorite family bands, made a rare NYC appearance so we naturally jumped at the chance to see them.

Planet Hopping combined the live music of Lunch Money with the puppetry of South Carolina’s Belle et Bête. Molly Ledford, Lunch Money’s frontwoman, plays Mollinda of a one-hit-wonder group, Mollinda and the Molecules. She now works as a cruise director on an intergalactic cruise ship. The cruise ship is run by Captain Stella and her robot rabbit sidekick, Jack, who are puppets. We follow the ship as it goes from planet to planet, and Stella as she searches for life on other planets. To no one’s surprise, we loved the music. The puppeteering was beautiful but sometimes stretched on too long, though the kids loved Jack Rabbit, particularly when he was caught up in a wind storm on Mars. I’m sad to say there’s not currently a show album or immediate plans to tour with this inventive show, but I’ll keep you posted as I hear news.

If you missed it, don’t be sad. Instead look forward to other Just Kidding shows coming up, including these Media Macaroni favorites:

January 18 – Recess Monkey (THAT’S IN TWO DAYS, PEOPLE!)

January 25 – Ratboy Jr.

February 15 – Gustafer Yellowgold

April 5 – Astrograss

I’m also interested to see the shows I know nothing about, like an introduction to the world of breakdancing, and a UK-based theatrical interpretation of “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.” Like I said, this series has yet to disappoint.

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