The Diva Delivers: Olivia TV

by Amy Kraft on January 27, 2009

We’ve been looking forward to the Olivia TV show for some time, but the day has arrived at last. In fact, Olive is at this very moment watching the premiere episode for the second time today.


Right as she was about to watch it the first time, she wanted to make sure that she had her stuffed Olivia with to watch. 


First off, the animation is adorable. Absolutely adorable! The family of pigs has great movement, and Olivia’s outfits are as cute as the books. The show also maintains Olivia’s rich fantasy world from the books. In the episode today, Olivia’s first airplane trip is cancelled and the family drives to Grandma’s house. For the entire car trip, Olivia imagines that the family is traveling on Olivia Air, luxury airliner. Olivia does double duty as the flight attendant AND the pilot. As a mom of a girl, I appreciate this. Olive has already started talking about things that “only boys do.” 

I have some work to do tonight cleaning out the DVR – this show is sure to be a keeper. 

Ian January 27, 2009 at 7:44 pm

I had no idea but should of known olivia would be a series- cant wait to catch it- thanks for the tip big cheese!

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