The Recipe for Media Macaroni

by Amy Kraft on May 21, 2008

Hello, I’m Amy. This is a snapshot that does a pretty good job summing up my childhood, sitting in my pajamas playing Pac Man with my dad. 

Many, many hours were spent playing Atari, watching Scooby Doo or surfing the other 5 channels we had, programming music and pictures in Basic on my IBM computer, reading John Bellairs books, and listening to records on my Fisher-Price record player. I suppose I played outside sometimes, too, but I certainly consumed my fair share of media. 

To be a kid now, though! The choices are amazing, and that little 80’s girl would have loved Wii and Harry Potter, Webkinz and iTunes. Media Macaroni is born from the part of me that wants to feel like a kid again, celebrating all of the wonderful media available to kids today. 

I’m lucky enough to work in children’s media, producing and designing interactive games for the web, CD-ROMs, DVDs, as well as music and books. I’m also a mom now, which informs everything I make and play. So things have come full circle. All of those hours spent indoors paid off.  

And here’s a picture of my daughter, Olive, playing video games with her dad.    

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