Timmy Time!

by Amy Kraft on November 7, 2010

When I first sat through the opening song of the new show Timmy Time

Timmy … It’s Timmy … He’s a little lamb with a lot to learn …

I’ll admit that I kinda rolled my eyes and braced myself for yet another overly didactic show for little kids. But, this being a show from the masterminds at Aardman Animation, I tried to withhold judgement until further into the episode.

At about the 1 minute mark I decided that I loved the show. Why? There is no dialog. (Oh, thank you, Aardman, thank you!) No set-ups of curricular content, no too-long explanations of things that break the story, just the expressive faces and sounds of the delightful animal characters.

Timmy is a lamb that goes to nursery school, and he tends to be a bit on the curious side, sometimes edging towards naughty. Timmy might do something wrong, but then figures out how to do things the right way. The stories are all simple enough to be told without dialog, and the lack of dialog keeps the show from getting preachy. These simple stories are interesting enough that even Olive, who when she first saw me watching it declared it a “baby show”, giggled throughout the episodes and has been asking to watch it again. And in another year or so, it’ll be perfect for Ozzie.

Of course, this being Aardman, the animation couldn’t be more adorable. Timmy Time is a fresh entry into the crowded world of preschool TV. It airs on Playhouse Disney, and interestingly, the storytelling-over-learning motif is exactly what Disney is aiming for according to this article in the Wall Street Journal.

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