Toy Story au Français

by Amy Kraft on September 5, 2010

If John Lasseter and David Levinthal were hanging out together, downing bottles of wine in Belgium, they too might have come up with the crazy awesome film, A Town Called Panic. It came out last year, and my husband only just told me of its existence. He watched it with Olive last week, reading her every subtitle, and I watched it with Olive today as she told me everything that was going to happen (now that he heard the film once, she no longer required subtitle translation.)

A Town Called Panic stars Cowboy, Indian, and Horse. Cowboy and Indian have forgotten Horse’s birthday, and they decide to build him a barbecue leading to events that destroy their collective home. That’s about all I want to tell you so that the movie will be full of delightful surprises. If this trailer makes you happy, chances are the movie will, too.*

*Unless you object to toys nearly getting into a bar fight, minor swearing in the subtitles, excitable farmers, and horse romance.

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