Tween Correspondent: Reading and Baking Pie

by Elizabeth on November 9, 2012


Our Media Macaroni tween correspondent, also known as my niece Elizabeth, is back, writing about a book I quite enjoyed myself–Pie by Sarah Weeks.

The book Pie is a wonderful read. I couldn’t put the book down at some points. With a recipe for every chapter, and a humble title, this book is perfect for someone who craves pie night and day.

Alice, a mediocre kid, had a very talented Aunt Polly. Aunt Polly’s talent was making pie. Her pies were the flakiest, gooiest, lightest, and the sweetest pies all around. When she opened the shop called Pie, the people of Ipswitch, Pennsylvania were shocked to find out that she didn’t charge for her pies. Her pies were so delicious but the town’s people worried, it just didn’t feel right for them to take the pies. So they came up with a solution, every morning when Polly would come down to the pie shop there would be ingredients on the door step of Pie. She won several Blueberry Awards for her pies.

When she unexpectedly kicks the bucket in 1955, Ipswitch is heartbroken. They had lost their beloved Pie Queen. Alice had lost her best friend. In Polly’s will it turned out that she left her secret piecrust recipe to Lardo, and she left Lardo to Alice.

Lardo was a white cat that was named after vegetable shortening. He was a demon cat, scratching and biting anyone who came to close except Polly.

Crimes start appearing all over Ispwitch. A cat-napper on the loose and a break-in to the pie shop. Can Alice and Charlie, a friend, crack the case?  Find it all out in Pie.

lorelei April 10, 2013 at 10:41 am

Elisabeth this was an amazing book review you are so talented. i would have had trouble with this but was a home run. Good job.

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