Tween Review: Love That Dog

by Amy Kraft on July 19, 2013


Today my niece Elizabeth brings us poetic inspiration from the book, Love That Dog, by Sharon Creech. We’re even treated to some of Elizabeth’s own poetry. 

This emotionally striking tale takes us to Ms. Strechberry’s class, where Jack is learning the fundamentals of poetry. As you read Jack’s poetry journal you learn plenty about him and his dog. He uses his journal to write poetry and his feelings about it.

Jack’s Poetry writing inspired me to do some of my own:

Sound of Spring
Out my bedroom window the birds are
Chirp Chirp Chirping
Out my back door the lawn mower is
Chop Chop Chopping
For these are the sounds of spring
Out in the woods the trees are
Bloom Bloom Blooming
Out in the woods the winds are
Dance Dance Dancing
For these are the sights of spring.

Love That Dog is an easy read for me but will only be understood by an older, more mature reader, so I would recommend Love that Dog for a 12 and up reader. I am certain this book would even be loved by adults. I hope Love that Dog inspires you the way it inspires me.

There is a sequel called Hate that Cat that is just as wonderful, but introduces you to a new side of Jack. The ending of Hate that Cat might make you cry from the sweetness of it all.

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