Tween Review: Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

by Amy Kraft on August 7, 2013


Sometimes the gods on Olympus set things up exactly right, like when they arranged a press screening of the new Percy Jackson movie while my niece, tween reviewer, and huge Rick Riordan fan, Elizabeth was visiting NYC. We had a blast at this very entertaining movie. You can read my review on GeekMom, and here is Elizabeth’s review. 

On a recent new york trip My Aunt was able to score tickets to a preview of Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. The movie overall did a fine job of adapting the book adding its own little twists, some of which happened much later in the series. They didn’t stray too far from the book, only I wish Percy had been turned into a guinea pig!

I would recommend seeing Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters in 3D. I normally think 3D is a waste, but in this movie it makes parts much more dramatic than they would be without. The 3D makes the movie.


The director changed things like Annabeth’s hair color which in the first movie was brown, to its rightful color; blond. Now I finally looked at her and think, “Annabeth.” In The Lightning Thief, I would look at her and think “Actress.”

The story kept the same plot as the book did, however the movie revealed some things that Percy doesn’t know until the fifth book. Towards the end of the movie some major things happen making me think that the next movie might be of  The Lost Hero. Luckily they end it in just the right way to allow the other three to follow the books pretty close.

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters probably won’t win a Golden Globe or an Oscar, but the movie was still hit in my opinion. Tween fans will flock to the theater to see this one. It followed the book well while still adding it’s own hints of movie magic. But don’t get me wrong; Rick Riordan’s book, The Sea of Monsters, was still much better, as books always are.

The movie is out today so I hope that you now have a desire to go see the newest Percy Jackson movie, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.

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