Tween Review: Tile Jewelry

by Elizabeth on October 9, 2012

After seeing my niece Elizabeth’s review of The Sister’s Grimm, Alex toys invited Elizabeth to review some of their products. This is the first of her reviews.

First I think I should thank Alex Toys for giving me the opportunity to let me be a product tester. Thank you.

Today I tested the Tile Jewelry kit Alex Toys sent me. I had an exciting time testing the product and came up with a couple tips, hints, and secrets to making Tile Jewelry. I tested this product by myself.

Concept: Take a wooden tile. Grab a large square sticker. Put the sticker on the tile. Then decorate the tile.

Directions: The directions were pictures. I followed the pictures. At first I didn’t have much of an idea for what I was doing.

Added Supplies: You want scissors near you. Ask a parent if they have any needle-nosed pliers you could borrow.

Tip: Don’t open the circle too wide! 

Creativity: The Tile Jewelry kit allows you to be pretty creative. You can make earrings, necklaces, anklets, rings, and bracelets.

Ages: I would say this product is for children seven and up.

You can use Tile Jewelry for birthday parties and bordom busters. It is a easy activity for girls who love crafts. There are 12 wood tiles, so you can get one to three days worth of use. It just depends how many friends are crafting with you. Tile Jewelry is an enjoyable activity for tweens!

Melissa October 9, 2012 at 10:09 am

I think I’d like this for myself. Great review Elizabeth!

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