What’s Inside Your Wonder Box?

by Amy Kraft on May 4, 2012

One trend I’m starting to see is in the uptick of subscription services for kids. There are more and more digital services, and now a bunch of different subscription-based services that will send your kid a box of stuff every month. The latest of these is Wonder Box, brought to you by the folks at Education.com.

Wonder Box is full of goodies for your 3 to 6-year-old, with attention to skills surrounding Kindergarten readiness. Saying that makes it sound more school-y than it is; the projects are really rooted in creativity.

Each month focuses on a different theme. Olive and I were given the first available box to try out, the Once Upon a Time box. It came fully loaded with everything we needed to complete the activities: a customizable cape with fabric crayons, a puppet with precut shapes and glue, story cards, and a stone soup book where the illustrations could be colored and added to.

Olive was most excited about the story cape. She named herself Super Flower and made her own insignia using the crayons.

The puppet was a hit as well, and the Wonder Box itself can be used to create a puppet theater. Each activity comes with a card for parents with suggestions on how they can gently bring some preK learning into the creative experience, like sorting out and naming the shapes while making the puppet. It’s an approach I believe is just right for preschoolers–let the learning flow naturally instead of hitting them over the head with it.

The story cards come in a great, durable, purse-ready case, and are like Rory’s Story Cubes in card form, great to pull out when you’re on the go.

Olive, who’s about to turn 7, is on the old side of the Wonder Box age group, but she still had a blast with it. I can easily imagine how excited she’d be to have a box arrive each month, getting to be surprised by the contents.

That said, Wonder Box isn’t a cheap monthly proposition. Subscriptions start at $24.99/month if you buy an annual subscription, but go up to $29.99/month for shorter subscription terms. Single boxes are not available. None of that is to say that Wonder Box isn’t a good value. I believe it is. The materials are high quality, the packaging is lovely, and if you were to buy the equivalent of all of the contents you’d easily be spending that amount if not more.

I’d be curious to hear from all of you if you’d be open to paying for subscription services like Wonder Box. Or, would you make a gift request out of it?

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